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KIEF-LP is a low power FM station located east of Three Forks. Our coverage area is not very large but we want to best serve those who dwell there.

At present it is simply music 24/7 except for mandantory station ID at the top of the hour and the occassional annoying squeal that the FCC mandates as a test. The music is random and eclectic. From the swing of the 40s to the new sound of today we play it all. Rock, blues, country, jazz, alternative, western (yep, we have both), big band, blue grass, R&B, swing, folk and everything in between. Rap and hip-hop are the only genres we seem to moderate.

We are looking for programming suggestions and input. There are many old radio shows that are now available for playing over the air. From Westerns to Mysteries to Adventure we can pick a weekly slot for some entertainment of a bygone era if there is an interest. As a kid I liked Hopalong Cassidy and Gangbusters.

We can do dedications and play requests as there is a demand. Right now the only way to do that is to email us with the pertinent information. The ideal would be a blog but someone would have to set that up.

If you hear a song that has offensive lyrics, is a bad recording or simply is an annoying song please send an email or post to to Facebook and we will remove it.